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Selling or letting your home is such an important process that you need to be sure that you’re getting the right help. Choosing the wrong agent can mean you lose thousands of pounds in low valuations or poor negotiations.

raterAgent.co.uk is a trustworthy, dedicated estate and letting agent review site for getting proof of the quality of an agent’s service. Using our exclusive raterMark system, every single review is checked by a human being before it is set live, to weed out fakes. raterAgent is, therefore, able to provide the insights that you need to be confident in one of the most important decisions you’ll make – choosing the right agent to sell or let your home.

And we're completely transparent. If the answer to your question is not below, please contact customer-service@rateragent.co.uk or click on the live chat and we'll try and help.

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What is raterAgent?

raterAgent is a trustworthy, dedicated estate and letting agent review site. That’s because:

  • Each review on raterAgent goes through 13 automated checks for authenticity and is given a mark out of 100 as to its likelihood of being a fake
  • They are then all read by our Moderator Team who assess the score and also check social media and other resources to further reduce cheats getting through
  • Any reviews that look like they were written by the agent, their mum – or a competitor of theirs – is excluded
  • Continual offenders have their raterAgent ‘Overall Rating’ decreased for cheating

Unlike other review sites, agents are therefore incentivised to simply encourage real reviews from real clients, just like you – and to stand or fall on what genuine customers are saying about them.

Why was raterAgent created?

raterAgent was created to deal with 2 common issues in the UK property market:

  1. How can consumers find the best estate and letting agents locally for them, through independent feedback?
  2. Where can a quality estate or letting agent independently showcase the high level of their service, so that potential clients have proof of which are the best for them?

The answer was a site that had 3 ‘Golden Rules’;

  1. TRUST: Agents must face sanctions for trying to ‘game’ the system by falsifying reviews. Each agent must stand or fall on the quality of its reviews, which are triple-checked in raterAgent's systems;
  2. TRANSPARENCY: Customers must be able to ‘star-rate’ all aspects of an estate or letting agent’s service, providing the broadest view of what they’re getting right – and, also, what they are not, so that they can fix it;
  3. TRAINING: The site will help to drive up quality of service throughout the sector as customers have much more visibility of their quality, rather than just their prices. raterAgent helps to source the best training for enable estate and letting agents who aren’t providing the service that they would like to, to improve their service.

Why should I use raterAgent?

Just like you do loads of research when you’re looking to buy a holiday or a car, these days it’s incredible that people make decisions on who to look after the sale or let of their biggest asset – their property – with minimal information. raterAgent, as we grow, will provide you with detailed, relevant information from people just like you who have used these agencies. And we’d be really grateful – as will the next person thinking of moving in your area – if you’d leave your own reviews so that the knowledge is further ‘passed on’ and those estate and letting agents that deserve it are getting more business.

How much does it cost consumers?

raterAgent charges consumers nothing to use the site, including to leave any number of genuine reviews and ratings.

How much does it cost estate and letting agents?

The BASIC package is free for agents. This enables them to claim their branches, manage their important details, including staff, and to generate and respond to reviews. Every agent in the country should, therefore, be in a position to recommend people leave reviews on raterAgent. If your agent doesn't, ask them why.

Separately, there is an upgrade that they can pay, if they wish, of just £45* a month to be on the RATER package, which gives them additional marketing logos for raterAgent and other benefits listed in the 'Packages' link at the bottom of every page. This is the case for all agents, although there are some discounts for those that joined raterAgent in its infancy and also for those agencies with many, many branches.

There is also the option for agents to pay an additional £20* per branch to get specific ratings on each of their team, in order to further improve the quality of their service.

Can agents pay more to get better reviews?

No. The raterAgent system relies on trust at its heart. Every agent must stand or fall on their own customer reviews. The more reviews that they encourage, the better their service will become simply because their staff will not want to see negative reviews on raterAgent. So look out in particular for those agents that have the most reviews.

Can I amend my own agent reviews?

You can add a new review about the same agent and ‘remove’ the old one. In this way, the newer review will replace the older one for that agent in terms of visibility on site.

Can I permanently delete an agent review?

You can ‘remove’ a review from the raterAgent website but these will not be removed from the database that sits behind the site. You should never write a review that is not an honest reflection of your thoughts, one that you do not wish to be published on the site or one that you do not wish the agent themselves to see.

How does raterAgent make money?

Trust is the most important thing to us at raterAgent and therefore we, alone amongst the UK's dedicated agent ratings websites, are upfront and honest about how we make money.

There are 3 separate ways;

  1. From agent branches paying up to £45* per month to become an ‘official’ raterAgent and to access services such as training and raterAgent literature and logos for their marketing;
  2. From advanced rating of individuals (+£20* per branch per month) and training courses for higher-achieving agent professionals (£variable);
  3. From advertising around the site (£variable).

Can I rate individual agent staff?

Yes, those agents that become ‘official’ raterAgents are so focused on the quality of their service that they enable you, via their Branch page, to see their staff and rate them individually. The star-rating will become part of the ‘staff’ ratings for the agent and feedback on the staff member will go back to their manager, good or bad. For all, you can star-rate and provide written feedback on them via a standard review.

Why can’t I see the star ratings of individual staff members?

In general, in the UK, you could be dealing with anyone from that agency’s branch and therefore the individual ratings are far less important than that of the branch’s overall service. Usually, there are any number of reasons why one member of staff might not have performed as well as you would have liked – or outperformed incredibly well – at any given moment. As such, the feedback ratings go to their managers to deal with, positively or negatively, but you can be sure that your ratings accumulate to the branch’s Overall Rating and are treated very seriously indeed.

Why can’t I see my agent reviews straight away?

We can take up to 5 days to put reviews up, depending on the level of verification that is required. All reviews that have passed the checking process will be published within this timeframe, regardless of what they say about an agent – provided there are no legal issues, of course.

Why have you not published my review at all?

You will have received an email from us to verify your review. If you have input an incorrect email address, then we will not have been able to verify your review. If the review is libellous, you will have had the opportunity to amend it and will not have been published yet. If the review is deemed to be fake by our experienced moderators then it will also not be published – and you will be blacklisted from future reviews.

I’ve been blacklisted – how do I remove myself?

You need to email in to customer-service@rateragent.co.uk and explain why the offending review is genuine. We will listen but our view will be final.

Who is behind raterAgent?

raterAgent has been created by a dedicated team who have been service providers to the property industry for very many years, one which is dedicated to helping highlight the best quality of service within the property industry. Lead by CEO Mal McCallion, who helped to launch Primelocation.com in 2000 and Zoopla’s agent offering in 2009, the team is always striving to improve the service and site and would be delighted to hear from you with any queries, comments or recommendations by email to customer-service@rateragent.co.uk.

* Any prices quoted exclude VAT


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