Agent Packages

RATER (annual)
RATER (monthly)
PRO (annual)
PRO (monthly)
Branch claim Y Y Y Y Y
Add logo and branch description Y Y Y Y Y
See and respond to all reviews Y Y Y Y Y
Independent, triple-lock check for fake reviews Y Y Y Y Y
Change contact details for your branch Y Y Y Y Y
Reviews previewed N Y Y Y Y
Automated valuation leads N Y Y Y Y
Embedded testimonials in your website N Y Y Y Y
Reports and statistics per branch N Y Y Y Y
Professional staff ratings accessible N N N Y Y
Reports on staff performance N N N Y Y
Set up Fee free free £100** free £100**
Monthly Cost free n/a £45** n/a £75**
Annual Cost free £540** n/a £900** n/a
Sign up Sign up Sign up Sign up Sign up

*Once registered as a RATER or PRO agent, valuation emails are sent immediately from the potential vendor

**Prices are excluding VAT.


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