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"I contacted Anthony Pepe to locate an affordable one bed/shared accommodation for myself , within 3 days of making contact I had found the perfect property and was driven from viewing to viewing by a..." read more

By James A 3 months ago - 0 responses

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"I was very pleased to find this very value for money 2 bedroom flat. Anna she helped me.a lot to get all.paperwok I needed to get this flat, she was very kind and helpful and she advised me on everyth..." read more

By Damiano Silveri 3 months ago - 0 responses

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Great agency for buying and letting!

"I have used Anthony Pepe to buy and let my investment properties. I have a great relationship with the team there. They are friendly, approachable and very professional. They really understand my n..." read more

By Yvonne G 9 months ago - 0 responses

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Delivering against promises

"I used Anthony Pepe estate agents for the rental and sale of my property. They are extremely professional and exceeded my expectations. During the sales process, Andrew Gibbons delivered against his p..." read more

By SH 9 months ago - 0 responses

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Lauren is professional and is an ambassador for true client service

"Lauren has always bee quick to respond and is very knowledgeable and confident in her approach. I would definitely work with her again." read more

By Jason C 11 months ago - 0 responses

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Professional Service

"Anthony Pepe were, once again, a joy to deal with. Lauren and Michael, as well the rest of the team, helped me rent my property in next to no time. Its nice to work with organisations who deliver wi..." read more

By Michael S 1 year ago - 0 responses

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So pleased

"There was nobody trying to pressurise me from Anthony Pepe" read more

By Ishack 2 years ago - 0 responses

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Attentive and courteous

"Martin had always found me very good tenants." read more

By Charles 2 years ago - 0 responses

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Great service

"Thank you very much" read more

By Alex E 2 years ago - 0 responses

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Excellent. Highly recommended 10/10

"I am an experienced landlord with a considerable property portfolio. I am used to finding tenants on my own but due to a medical problem in my family, I was unable to devote enough time to letting one..." read more

By Theo D 2 years ago - 0 responses

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Very helpful

"Polite, professional, fast. Very impressed." read more

By Steven B 3 years ago - 1 response

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Client Centred Agent

"Anthony Pepe have been nothing but excellent in all our dealings with them. From the moment we met Martin we knew this was an agency we could trust. He was not pushy at all, unlike some of the other a..." read more

By Stephanie C 2 years ago - 0 responses

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Very good service

"I can highly recommend Anthony Pepe and in particular I have worked with Martin for some years in letting my Highbury Stadium flat. He has always found me excellent tenants and he remembers even small..." read more

By Charles L 3 years ago - 0 responses

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