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"We are first time buyers and looked at a few properties Adam was very helpful with everything we needed to know and very friendly. Very quick at responding to all emails and phone calls we made. " read more

By Heather A 1 week ago - 0 responses

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Super Sue!

"Move revolution went above and beyond to help the sale of our property go smoothly. They were very personable and approachable, they even helped with our search for a new property. I would say Sue..." read more

By Kate B 1 week ago - 0 responses

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One word - fantastic

"Sue has been absolutely great, progressing the property to exchange of contract. She has kept me informed at every step and every time I have picked up the phone she has been very helpful and accommo..." read more

By Theresa J 1 week ago - 0 responses

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Available and comitted

"Adam was available at all times, including weekends and evenings to ensure that the negotiations proceeded apace. I would like to think we could engage him when the time comes to sell our property." read more

By Anonymous 2 weeks ago - 0 responses

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"When renting out our property, we have found Katie had a wealth of knowledge to hand about the area, which is very encouraging for any would be Tenant's. She really is on the ball and I would highly..." read more

By rena m 2 weeks ago - 0 responses

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About Move Revolution

At Move Revolution, we believe first and foremost in delivering an excellent customer experience for a fee that represents true value for money. We do this in particular through hard work over long opening hours and being conscious that exceptional service is a true differentiator.

Like any major decision in life, moving to a new home is full of rational and emotional thoughts and feelings. It's completely understandable. Moving home involves spending a lot of money, making big decisions about the future and securing your family's happiness.

When we set-up Move Revolution we knew there was a 'better way' to move home; one that involves decent, talented people working hard to maximise your happiness and not their margins. To this day, it's a great source of pride that our process costs, on average, half what a traditional estate agent will charge.

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Move Revolution

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01737 888220 (sales)

01737 888220 (lettings)



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