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Epsom, Surrey

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About The Personal Agent Lettings & Management

From a single property to let to an entire portfolio to manage, we are here to support and advise our landlords to achieve better returns and more lasting tenancies – and we look after their properties as if they were our own. Our approach has always been to treat every single landlord as if they were our only client, giving them the clear, professional advice that they need. It is this personal approach to customer service that has made us market leaders in and around the area. Our emphasis has always been on the individual, and it is this continued focus which drives our reputation.

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The Personal Agent Lettings & Management

163 High Street



KT19 8EW


01732726666 (lettings)



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Ria Dickerson

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Hi, I’m Ria, Branch Manager at The Personal Agent Lettings & Management. It is my job to ensure that our lettings office runs efficiently and according to all company and legal standards, managing the everyday customer care that we offer. My team are friendly and approachable,


Cheryl Burn

0 reviews

01372 726 666

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